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2017-09-17 11:30 pm
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Icons - Astronomy

I spent a long time over the weekend staring at Cassini's pictures, and then I got into an iconmaking mood.

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2017-09-05 06:37 pm

The Harbors of the Sun

I loved this book, and I am in mourning over the fact that the series is now over. Also, this book finally makes the Fell (as opposed to the Fell-Raksura hybrids, who I've always liked) interesting to me. Which is great, but I would have liked it to happen earlier, because I found them intensely boring throughout The Cloud Roads and The Siren Depths.

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2017-08-08 01:00 pm

About halfway through The Gates of Tagmeth

The benefits of modern technology: it is much easier to look up the word "batrachian" when it comes up without warning.

(In context, it means froglike, more or less.)

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2017-08-02 12:12 am

A Dragon of a Different Color

In this book, Marci undertakes a perilous journey through the magical underworld, seeking godlike power and revelations about the nature of her world.

Meanwhile, Julius tries to solve his favorite sister's relationship problems.

(I am actually deeply invested in Chelsie's love life! But the fact that I can summarize the book as I have above really amuses me.)

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2017-07-31 11:49 pm

No Good Dragon Goes Unpunished

This is the third Heartstrikers book, and probably my favorite—I love Chelsie's development, the new stuff with F-clutch, and Conrad's moment. I'm less into Marci's subplot, but that would be because Julius's is so much my thing.

There might be spoilers for book four below; I think I cut the most blatant ones, but there might still be something.

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2017-07-31 07:37 pm

One Good Dragon Deserves Another

Some spoilers for later books of the series under the cuts, as well as this one.

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2017-06-29 07:38 pm

Icons — Land of Oz

I posted about half of my Oz icons with the Rainbow Challenge post, so here's the rest of them.
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2017-06-26 10:23 am

Icons — Rainbow Challenge (Land of Oz, The Sea Fairies)

I had trouble settling on which icons to submit to [community profile] icontalking's Icon Rainbow challenge, and I actually really like some of my "rejects." So here they all are! Since I made all but the first two using earlier icons of mine as bases, I'm including those too.

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2017-06-24 02:12 pm

Reread — Nice Dragons Finish Last

Well, not reread exactly, since I listened to the audiobook. It's the first book in a projected series of five; book four is due out next month.

The short and non-spoilery version: Julius, a dragon who exists at the bottom of his sprawling dysfunctional family due to a combination of youth and inconvenient ethics, and Marci, a geeky and vengeful human mage, meet in the DFZ, a corporate dystopia of a city built on top of the ruins of Detroit and ruled by the nature spirit of the Great Lakes. He's been given one last chance to shape up before his mom eats him, and she's on the run from the mob boss who killed her dad. Together, they try very hard not to die. (If you're put off by the title, as I originally was: the book is way more charming than it implies.)

I love Marci: passionately obsessive about her work (to the point of not realizing she's in danger, more than once); aggressive and proactive; mercenary, but with an ethical core. And Julius. He's a smart, self-aware pacifist, and the narrative lets him be one without ever going easy on him. (Rather the opposite.) He's a very sympathetic underdog. They both are, really; the difference is that Marci's moments of triumph usually involve defeating the entities who scorn her in combat, while Julius's involve unexpectedly pulling a win-win scenario out of a dire situation.

The narrator really is very good; occasionally a little over-emotive, but not by much, and he puts on a good variety of voices for the major characters. (The voice he does for Bob is admittedly kind of annoying, but I'm pretty sure that's the point.)

Pretty much everything beneath the cuts is spoilery, mostly for later books in the series as well as this one.

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2017-06-09 07:18 pm
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Icons - Elemental Logic

From the reprint covers, since I like them better than the original set.
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2017-05-14 01:03 am
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Icons - Marla Mason

More icons, this time from the covers of the Marla Mason series by T.A. Pratt! Still basic crop & resize stuff.

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2017-05-04 07:47 pm

Kencyrath speculation

The first two chapters of The Gates of Tagmeth are readable on the Baen website.

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2017-04-02 01:26 am

All in the Family 2017 - Letter

Hello! I'm excited to be doing my first exchange. Thank you very much for writing for me!

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