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2017-09-17 11:30 pm
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Icons - Astronomy

I spent a long time over the weekend staring at Cassini's pictures, and then I got into an iconmaking mood.

100 icons, mostly Saturn and its moons )
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2017-06-29 07:38 pm

Icons — Land of Oz

I posted about half of my Oz icons with the Rainbow Challenge post, so here's the rest of them.
30 icons )
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2017-06-26 10:23 am

Icons — Rainbow Challenge (Land of Oz, The Sea Fairies)

I had trouble settling on which icons to submit to [community profile] icontalking's Icon Rainbow challenge, and I actually really like some of my "rejects." So here they all are! Since I made all but the first two using earlier icons of mine as bases, I'm including those too.

25x Land of Oz )
10x The Sea Fairies )
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2017-06-09 07:18 pm
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Icons - Elemental Logic

From the reprint covers, since I like them better than the original set.
4x Zanja, 4x Karis )
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2017-05-14 01:03 am
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Icons - Marla Mason

More icons, this time from the covers of the Marla Mason series by T.A. Pratt! Still basic crop & resize stuff.

20 icons under the cut )