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What would be different if they had lived?

Well. Potentially, quite a bit. For one thing, Moon himself would be very different if he hadn't grown up in such isolation--so much of his personality was formed by that, and I have a hard time figuring out what he'd be like if he'd had a small family to rely on and protect, all that time.

Unless Sorrow also survived, they wouldn't know much more about themselves than Moon did at the beginning of the series--nothing about the Raksura or what happened to the court.

But how would other Raksura react to them? Solitaries are treated with suspicion, but we don't know what they think of small groups. Unless solitaries sometimes band together for survival (possible, I suppose), I don't think it would come up much.

I'm just rather amused by the idea of Indigo Cloud reacting to five highly improper Raksura, rather than just one very weird consort. And wondering if the Arbora would be cut more slack than Moon was, or less...

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From: [personal profile] sideways
This is such an interesting thought! I suspect we'd see more of Moon's latent leader / provider / protector instincts at the fore, as opposed to the wariness / distrust / survivor persona he defaults to throughout the series. On the one hand, a sense of family and acceptable; on the other, more skins to fear for than his own.

A small group would probably be more welcome to other Raksura than a solitary Aeriat - it doesn't sound like Arbora get themselves exiled very often, and they would be walking evidence that all members present could behave as a community. They might even develop their own traditions based on instinct and their understanding of each other, as opposed to Moon's attempts to adopt the traditions of whatever group he was trying to blend in with.

Either way, five improper Raksura would definitely be a sight to see, heh.

Date: 2017-05-15 01:07 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] sideways
Oh geez, rest in pieces Sorrow's reputation. I wonder if she would have died in front of them in something equivalent to the Tath attack, or whether it was just a case of "and one day she didn't come home again".

It seems likely Moon's guardianship of the Arbora would help his status? They would be a bit of a miniature court, though in another way that throws in all sorts of extra Arbora normally have higher status in the hierarchy, so would that be an instinctive leaning? Not to mention it's the females that tend to be bigger and more dominant. Moon would undeniably be the most useful in a fight, but it could be Fern who rules the roost, so to speak, haha. Imagine poor Indigo Cloud trying to figure out to deal with an Arbora who acts with the authority of a queen.
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From: [personal profile] sideways
Sorrow wasting away in front of them would be terribly sad :( And I agree Arbora caste rules aren't so strict; I believe there are occasions where some have switched between castes, so it's really only mentors that are locked in from birth.

I can't think of any examples of Arbora jumping court, though! Which is a little strange - surely it would be advisable, otherwise there's going to be an awful lot of inbreeding sooner or later, especially given the size of their clutches. (Granted Raksura seem to have a...laxer view on that than we humans do, but still.) There was definitely Feather and a father alive, however, and they may have been able to stake a claim if Malachite couldn't. Hm.

I wonder how finding a consort and four Arbora would affect Stone's take on the whole thing. One thing to lie by omission to a desperately lonely consort in the midst of being murdered by groundlings, quite another to have four cranky Arbora cornering you to ask WHY you didn't think fit to mention you're trying to MARRY OFF their brother without so much as a would-you-like-to.

Date: 2017-05-23 05:58 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] syntheid
RE: inbreeding, healthy courts seem pretty giant, and also consorts, at the very least, do switch and will breed with Arbora in order to try to produce mentors, introducing new bloodlines there. I don't really know enough to calculate if that makes it feasible, but it seems like given the Arbora's general stability and homebody-ness, they probably don't switch courts often/at all. I mean, with their propensity for everyone having multiple partners, too, I'm not sure how they could ever swap anyone fast enough to avoid problems, really, but maybe it's just another magic of Raksuran biology.

Stone's like... at least 3 times larger than Moon and (most of?) the queens, I think, and even a warrior can carry an Arbora/groundling for a significant time, so I suspect he would have no trouble carrying at least three Arbora, at least in terms of strength. Finagling who sat where might be more difficult unless they made like, a sling or something. Though they probably would be required to go slower, since probably Moon would have to fly himself and maybe one of the Arbora.

I was kinda thinking also it seems likely they'd have less issues getting kicked out of groundling spaces as a group, and also... Moon probably would not have killed the Fell ruler if he'd been alone, not being so desperate to know what he was if he had at least his 'siblings' to keep him company, so then the Fell court wouldn't be auguring for him and watching Indigo Cloud. Unless they got separated and he thought they were dead or something?

(hi, [personal profile] sideways pointed me here.)

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From: [personal profile] sideways
Do you think Arbora ever have clutches with Arbora from other courts though, like Sheliak suggested? They clearly care about their kids, but not quite the same way humans do. (There's literally occasional talk like 'and then I would have to kill my daughter and that would be a bummer'.) I don't imagine it would be terribly common, but maybe if two courts were really close allies...? Hmm.


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